It’s increasingly easier for gaming operators to make happy users through AI

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in business processes has become commonplace, especially when it comes to the iGaming industry. These systems not only help to optimize the resources available to the company, but also facilitate the work of employees, allowing them to focus on the tasks that require more attention and bring more value to the company. One of these areas is undoubtedly user communication.

With AI, it is possible to significantly increase customer satisfaction and take the customer experience to the next level. In fact, these systems favor an efficient management of the company’s communications. In addition, they allow you to be available to your customers by facilitating contact with them.

In customer care, there are systems that allow the business to provide 24-hour customer service. Virtual agents have begun to be discussed, including callbots to answer voice calls and chatbots to respond to users’ messages.

These systems use AI to maintain a fluid conversation with a user and perform different tasks (which will depend on their degree of sophistication). Many online casinos are already starting to incorporate these tools into their customer service, as they allow them to answer players’ most frequently asked questions.

Virtual agents will increase the productivity and efficiency of iGaming operators. They will bring better quality of service by preventing agents from being overwhelmed with requests that can easily be solved by a callbot or chatbot. It will also allow them to focus on aspects such as response personalization.

AI also facilitates the segmentation of target groups and the targeting of communication measures. By analyzing the data, online casinos can find out exactly which target group is interested in which product or service. This enables operators to direct their communication measures specifically to the relevant target groups and thus maximize their impact.