AI solutions help iGaming operators find the better candidates for jobs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has begun to emerge as the next big change in the recruitment and selection processes of the various operators within the iGaming industry. Its implementation has come to simplify an intensive process in hours, susceptible to errors, without precise metrics and costly in time, into an agile flow of tasks with a clear concern for the applicant’s experience and in times that increase the productivity of the human capital area of any gaming operator.

With the implementation of AI in recruitment, the selected profile emerges from the analysis of a large volume of data and not necessarily from the recruiter’s personal interpretations. Additionally, the use of this type of technology opens the way to simplify a large number of manual tasks involved in a recruitment process. It automates a large part of the workflow that is currently manual, such as automatic publication in different job portals, ranking of applicants in a matter of seconds, high-speed reading of resumes, application of online psychometric tests and even reading of personal emotions through video recordings.

It is no secret that the talent needed in an industry as competitive as iGaming means that any employee hired must be at his or her best to perform an excellent job. iGaming operators have now been able to achieve this goal more effectively and efficiently through AI. Thanks to predictive recruiting, an AI-based algorithm, candidates of a given profile can be reached, which makes the search for the ideal candidate much easier.

There is no doubt that AI is here to stay. Recruiters in the iGaming industry who understand the importance of this new tool and adapt it in their processes will gradually see several advantages and utilities that this technology can bring to their routine and work.