Artificial intelligence and machine learning make land-based casino structures smarter

One of the goals of any business, in addition to increasing revenue, is to continuously seek out ways to cut costs without impacting the customer experience. This is a challenging task, due to all of the variables involved, but it is being made significantly easier through artificial intelligence (AI).

Land-based casinos, many of which operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, need to do everything they can to maximize reductions, and AI, coupled with machine learning (ML), is giving casinos the ability to make their buildings smarter and more efficient, greatly reducing operating costs.

Because of AI, it is now possible for a casino to automatically control air conditioning and heating on a per-zone basis. Separate temperature controls for individual zones can be programmed to constantly monitor the environment and make minute adjustments at will in order to maintain efficiency while not risking the customer experience. Because temperature can be determined by the number of people in a zone and the environment, ML gives the AC system the ability to better respond to the existing scenario. In addition, just by monitoring routine traffic, it can also teach itself that every Wednesday after for three hours, for example, there is a larger gathering in a particular zone and can proactively make the necessary adjustments.

Building data sensors facilitate the sharing of that information, but they can also help to control lighting and other utilities that are big expenses for casinos. Using the same AI technology, the properties can allow their buildings to be automatically configured to turn up or down, or even off, lights when more or less is needed. Additionally, the sensors can identify safety and health issues, such as fire or water leaks, so they can be addressed and resolved before they become bigger problems.