AI gives casinos the ability to provide individually-targeted marketing solutions that drive growth

Without marketing, no business will gain traction. It’s a necessary expense that provides concrete results, but which can also be troublesome at times. The ability to identify target markets and advertise to their specific needs is a challenge, especially as consumer preferences and tastes are constantly changing. Online casinos have it especially difficult due to the large number of options that are available, but artificial intelligence (AI) is giving them an innovative advantage that not only creates better marketing strategies, but enables better customer service.

One of the biggest areas AI can help casino marketing is in analytics. Research shows that consumers typically only want to interact with as many as five pieces of content, but being able to identify the specific content that will attract attention is not easy, especially with a diverse market that has different drives. AI is able to drill down to the individual level in order to deliver specific targeted marketing solutions that will appeal to each consumer, drawing them closer to the brand.

In addition, AI is able to be used to interpret analytics and customer feedback that is then used by casino marketers to improve the attention given to consumers. This process allows for the entirety of the marketing expense to be utilized for its intended purpose, ensuring that costs are minimized while the output is maximized. With the aggregated data analyzed by AI, marketers have a clear, concise picture of what is needed to address consumers, helping them improve customer service activity and increase retention.