Traditional network security tools are now obsolete as AI takes over

Network security has always been a job that requires non-stop attention, especially for platforms that deal with sensitive and financial data. Online casino operators have had to allocate an inordinate amount of resources to combatting the threat of cyberattacks, but they are now getting a great deal of support that makes the task easier. Artificial intelligence (AI) makes cybersecurity much more refined and complete, pushing out traditional network security tools that are now becoming obsolete.

For years, online casinos, and other online companies, had to rely on firewalls, proxies and anti-virus software as the primary means to thwart cyberattacks. However, as effective as they have been, there has been a shift in the dynamic of what constitutes a cyber threat over the past several years that weakens the ability of these tools to stop an attack.

Just as cybercriminals use cutting-edge technology to lead their attacks, online casinos are using it to stop them. AI is making the job easier, using machine learning to instantly analyze a potential threat and stop an attack before it happens. Traditionally, stopping a threat was possible only through a reactive response, but AI is leading the way for proactive detection and preventive responses to stop a platform from being compromised.

Certain AI tools are able to analyze baseline behavior and identify anomalies that might be an indication of a zero-day attack. Other tools constantly analyze user behavior and raise an alarm if there is a deviation from the expected action. These solutions have already proven to be better at protecting iGaming platforms and, as AI technology continues to improve, so will the protection it offers.