The inclusion of AI in sports gambling allows operators to offer more in-game betting options

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already making a huge impact on the casino market and is also making huge strides now in sports gambling. It can’t be described as a new concept; however, the advances in AI have been exponentially larger in the past couple of years, and sportsbooks are taking notice. Where once there were limited options, such as moneyline or spread bets, in-game betting is gaining traction as AI algorithms find substantial improvements.

AI has come so far that it can now process data so quickly that sports gambling operators are able to offer wagers, for example, in between pitches in a particular baseball game. This is leading to greater interaction between gamblers and sports and is incentivizing fans to participate more in the game. One company that is pushing AI in sports gambling is WSC Sports, and it explains, “With AI and machine learning technology, you can better target to drive more engagement, which equals more betting.”

Because AI is able to process massive amounts of data at lightning speed, it becomes a great tool for sportsbooks. The technology has advanced substantially, especially as sports gambling has gained popularity in the US, and is able to provide solutions that would have never been possible before. analyst John Gasparro points out, “By its nature, sports betting generates huge amounts of data. Artificial intelligence can operate much more efficiently than humans ever can, primarily by using algorithms to predict outcomes of sporting events based on previous results much more efficiently than was previously possible.”