Offenders of the poker platform’s no-bots policy face bans and the loss of winnings

Poker has long been considered a “gentleman’s game,” and there’s nothing gentlemanly about cheating during the action. Online poker has had to deal with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) bots that some players use to scam at the tables, but PokerStars is fighting with fire. It is using AI to combat the AI bots and has gotten good at finding the culprits. Those caught face the operator’s wrath, which can include bans and the seizure of funds in their accounts.

In some instances, players have logged on to PokerStars only to find that their six-figure wallets were inaccessible. For the past several years, the platform has dedicated a special team to the discovery and blocking of individuals using bots to cheat at poker, and the operator has no problem cutting players off with no warning. PokerStars cautions players when they sign up that bots are against the rules, and that it is ready to prevent them wherever possible.

PokerStars doesn’t like to discuss the tools it has at its disposal to figure out who might be using a bot or some other form of AI-driven solution that gives players an edge. If it revealed its secrets, it would be easier for someone to figure out how to get around the controls. However, the anti-bot team seems to be doing its job, as it has stopped hundreds of players from trying to give themselves an unfair advantage at the virtual tables.

Just like anything, AI can be used for good or bad. It remains one of the most effective means for ensuring better integrity and fair play in poker, and in other online games, and is helping ensure a level playing ground for everyone.