The incorporation of AI solutions in online gaming is providing new solutions to old problems

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fast becoming a new way to enhance most aspects of our lives and it is already taking over the world. All kinds of industries, such as including healthcare, finance and gambling, are integrating AI-based technologies to allow machines to think by themselves and make the best possible decisions on their own. The online casino industry has been collecting nothing but benefits as one of the early adopters of AI and, due to its success, this emerging technology is now being used in more areas of the online casino operation.

Most of the online casino operators out there are already using AI to run their slot machines. It is nothing like playing against an automated system – which is how it has been so far. AI applied to slots allows online casinos to, first, minimize the chances of cheating and, second, always provide a fair game trend. This is a win-win situation for both the online gaming industry and for players who, at some point in the past, doubted the legitimacy of these games.

Another area in which AI is being included already is customer support through the integration of chatbots. These chatbots powered by AI can learn to distinguish major keywords, which can be used to assist customers when they have questions or concerns and it a fast and efficient way. The technology still has a long way to go and has a lot of learning to do, but, in the near future, it will even integrate voice recognition features and analysis to provide an outstanding service to all customers through more than one channel.

In online casinos, be sure of who is that player sitting behind a screen is challenging. The industry faces many identity theft issues and other forms of fraud, which now can be handled better with the help of AI. Most online casinos will run a known-your-customer verification process, which is now being enhanced by AI. Machines have verification processes and face-recognition technology to review players’ documents, so humans don’t have to check and approve documentation manually.