The online gambling space is evolving unlike virtually any other activity

Most people might have used artificial intelligence (AI) at some point without even noticing it. For instance, when using personal assistants like Siri or Google Assistant, which are powered by AI. The online gambling sector has never been afraid of integrating new technologies like AI to its operations; it is actually what keeps them engaged with customers. Even if it is still in the early stages of development, there are many things that AI is doing for the online gambling industry now.

Starting with the customer onboarding process, which is when a new player opens his account and is required to submit either personal information and, in some cases, documents to confirm age and identity. AI can be trained to request certain information from players and identify in which cases it’s better to ask for documentation. Another contribution is in the speed in which documents and verifications can be processed. The bot can run necessary checks to comply with legislation in a fast way.

Perhaps one of the aspects most related to AI in online gambling operations is the service personalization. Users appreciate it when an offer or content is directly in tune with their likes or the games they play. AI has the power to use all the collected data to dig in on hobbies, preferred music, etc. to create a preferential landing page and display content of interest.

Customer satisfaction is at the top of the online gambling operators’ priority and AI is certainly bound to change the level of service offered. Besides being complex, having human agents available 24/7 is one of the most expensive activities for a company. This is where AI comes in to help operators through the use of chatbots that can give answers to frequently asked questions and get a quick resolution. The service might not be perfect at the beginning, but it can certainly learn quickly to the point that machines can give premium service to customers and, at some point, surpass that given by human agents.