iGaming operators are more secure than ever because of artificial intelligence

Nowadays, being able to count on an online casino whose security is unbreakable is one of the luxuries that the iGaming industry can have through the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI). While it is true that in the past, there were many reports of cyberattacks on a large number of online, and land-based, casinos, that rate has been decreasing as technology has advanced.

Every time a player registers at an online casino they hope that their information is highly protected and that the only thing they have to worry about is whether or not they have a good poker hand. Unfortunately, piracy is still alive and this affects both the online casinos and the players who end up being victims of it. A lot of sensitive information can be used for malicious purposes, but the good news is that the IA has come to put that behind us.

AI can analyze and learn data more efficiently and accurately, making it the new cybersecurity priority for IT departments in online casinos. In fact, several studies indicate that a large percentage of cybersecurity companies say that AI is something that should be a priority in every online casino.

As cyberattacks on online casinos grow in volume and complexity, AI is helping under-resourced security operations analysts anticipate threats. It culls threat intelligence from millions of research papers, blogs, and news stories to provide instant information to help operators fight through the noise of thousands of daily alerts, dramatically reducing response times.

In addition, an online casino is known to move thousands of payment transactions per day. This is why players select platforms that offer a fast, simple and secure way to give or receive a payment. AI has the ability to speed up verifications and identify questionable behavior patterns, as well as identify fraudsters that online casinos clearly do not want to have in their users.