Innovation is going to forever change how gamblers interact online

The future of technology is to be used as leverage to take companies from all sectors to the next level, and, for the gambling landscape, technology is already shaping the industry. In the next decade, even more, changes can be expected but the current focus is set on making the industry more efficient with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is revolutionizing the online gambling sector impressively improving the current gambler’s experience and the company’s internal processes.

Knowing the customers and understanding their needs is a major focus, and smart data analysis comes to save time and provide companies with a tool to better analyze customer’s behavior. Just as land-based casinos studied and altered internal processes to better serve its users, this can also be done by online gambling operators using the AI to map the preferred games, and what drives the players at an anticipated time to give a better service and retain customers longer.

Video game companies are using machine learning to create undefeatable super players in recent times. This technology is being applied in the same way to the gambling industry, which is already offering better competition coming from computers to keeping players engaged. Back in 2017 in Pittsburg, there was a poker competition that involved several professional poker players against an AI machine named Libratus, that demonstrated after 120,000 hands a better ability than pro humans to reason new strategies.

Another aspect that is relevant to the industry is the social responsibility to keep those with real addictions far from playing. According to Kindred Group, the data collected by machines and analyzed in AI systems can help recognize patterns for gambling problems among players in aspects like the amount of time played, how many times and how much is being deposited, and how many wagers are being placed. So far, it has reported an 87% accuracy in detecting these issues.