Within a few short years, AI solutions will be found in all facets of iGaming

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been quickly becoming part of most business activities nowadays, and, even if it happens in the background, there are plenty of behind-the-scenes operations already including AI features that we are unaware of. This is particularly true with online casino gaming, as AI is present in almost all the facets that are part of casino operations to the point that it has become crucial for the industry. Online casinos are strongly related to technological advancements, which they need to embrace in order to remain competitive in an industry that continues to add more competitors.

The first aspect that AI has come to evolve is online casino safety, which includes the verification of players. This helps to avoid the use of cheating AI devices or any other form, spotting players with an irregular behavior or even fraudsters trying to scam the casinos out of money. All these aspects of casino security were impacted already by AI and its large capacity for processing impressive amounts of data that can be further analyzed to determine these situations rapidly.

The security enhancement given by AI also tracks hacking attempts of machines trying to make individual guesses on passwords. When the system spots incoming traffic from a questionable IP, the incoming request can be blocked in a matter of seconds. AI can be used for illicit purposes, as well, like these hacking attempts, so it is basically using good AI to fight bad AI.

It is not that AI can do things humans cannot, but it can certainly do them a lot faster. For instance, AI testing systems are typically run through thousands of games where it collects information about every possible combination of bets and outcomes. Humans can also do this, but it would take them hundreds if not thousands of times as long. All this data that is being collected has a dual purpose, as it is also used to know more about customer’s preferences, where AI analyzes player patterns so it can be shaped into offering more games of interest. This ultimately makes players happier to play something they enjoy and casinos happy, as well, as they have players engaging in activity for longer periods.