Technological innovation is making live gambling more attractive to casino patrons

By the year 2022, entering a Las Vegas casino is going to be an entirely new experience, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). It is starting to unveil major changes to the way gambling has worked – Imagine being greeted by your name or even recognized by the machines in just a few years through the use of AI and facial recognition. Despite not yet a reality, steps are being taken to make sure the gambling industry is taking full advantage of technological advancements to offer a state-of-the-art and personalized experience to its customers.

Several members of various sectors of the gambling industry crowded the UNLV Boyd School of Law in a day-long Friday marathon last week. The conversation centered on the influence that AI could have on this facial recognition technology and how this can transform the entire casino experience. Countless possibilities are foreseen for machine learning and facial recognition AI in casinos, and it is worth mentioning that casinos might be immersing deeper in the customer service area.

Slot machines might come equipped with facial recognition technology and cameras might recognize and log in a VIP player to make them feel welcome and appreciated. But the technology can also help casinos go further with fraud detection and enforce more efficiently the self-banned or casino-banned from continuing gambling. Another positive aspect is the use of this technology for enrolling new customers in loyalty programs that are already running.

According to Anthony Cabot, Distinguished Fellow in Gaming Law at the UNLV Boyd School of Law and an organizer of Friday’s conference, “What we’re seeing is this introduction of technology into the gaming industry in ways we’ve never seen before, and because of it, it started to raise issues — or questions — as to how this works and what the ramifications could be for things like patron privacy, anonymity and data protection.”