Software development for the gaming industry is improving through AI

The ultimate goal of artificial intelligence (AI), to make a machine have general human-like intelligence, is one of the most ambitious goals that science has ever set for itself. Today, many computer developers in the iGaming industry, no matter how experienced they are in the field, have admitted that the advent of AI in their jobs has undoubtedly made many of the tedious tasks they have to perform on a daily basis easier. Thanks to this, the gaming industry has been able to improve the way in which its platform is created and developed, which at the end of the day, is understood as a better user experience.

There is no doubt that the software development sector is one of the biggest beneficiaries of the introduction of new technologies such as AI, as almost all processes are able to be improvised through their implementation. Taking a business idea and implementing it into software code is still a big problem, despite improvements in this area thanks to agile methods and business analysis practices. AI will enrich requirements models and test cases with more sophisticated text recognition, resulting in better code generators.

When a system fails in production, teams spend a great deal of time and effort to reproduce those failures in order to locate and correct them, and in most cases, the team that did the development is no longer available. AI could analyze the skills of the person who wrote the original code and locate someone available with a similar profile.

AI could also automate decisions on what to build and test next. AI could analyze the usage patterns of an application in production and based on that, decide which requirement in the backlog should be given the highest priority, or implemented first. This analysis of usage behavior could also be used to generate automated test scripts.