AI solutions are leveling the playing field for gamblers and giving them better chances of winning

In more ways than one, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the gaming industry. There are benefits to both casino operators and gamblers, and one of the most important factors that will drive growth is the ability to win. AI is helping to remove – legally – the “luck” factor in gambling, making gamblers happy.

There will always be a certain degree of luck in any type of gambling; however, AI has led to the creation of robust predictive systems that help gamblers make smarter decisions. This is especially seen in sports gambling, where AI is able to absorb every factor of a particular contest, including team morale, player mental state, health, weather and more, and produce a highly accurate prediction on the outcome that rivals that of the best oddsmakers in the business.

AI and machine learning can predict gambling target variables in data that isn’t seen by the human eye. Known as classification, the solution incorporates greater amounts of data points that are then analyzed in a split-second to produce a probable outcome. As a result, the classification delivers precise determinations that would require a substantial amount of resources if they were to be determined through manual calculations.

AI has proven itself to be a viable component of everything from casino security to payment protections. Lending its powers to help gamblers improve their odds is likely to attract more customers and interest in the gaming industry and increase the entertainment value of the activity. While AI can’t, and shouldn’t, completely eliminate the luck factor, giving gamblers a boost is a smart way to grow a business.