AI is helping online casinos work smarter and become more efficient

Today, more than ever, it is imperative that businesses make the best of limited resources. The iGaming industry, in particular, has seen difficulty from COVID-19 and making resources stretch further is necessary to ensure operators can overcome revenue challenges. Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping achieve that increase in efficiency, especially in terms of fulfilling certain tasks. Data entry is a huge part of an online operator’s business and AI is making the job easier than ever.

Online casinos must automate time-consuming and labor-intensive processes, previously done manually, in order to reduce costs and errors while they accelerate their growth to respond to growing competition. AI, combined with robotic process automation, is allowing operators to automate their data entry processes, which helps them increase their efficiency and lower risks. This risk mitigation is a fundamental component of an iGaming platform’s operations and must be managed properly at all times in order to respond to gaming regulators’ demands.

Risk mitigations cover everything from having well-crafted contracts to managing big data partnerships with third-party software suppliers, to limiting the data used in data sets to only the minimum amount of data necessary. With any digital transformation process, casino operators should thoroughly assess risks, including those associated with the technology platforms they will deploy. This includes collaboration between IT, security, risk management, legal, and other interested departments, which implies a lot of moving parts and more room for error. By assessing what the biggest potential risks are, operators can approach the digital transformation processes with more robust tools to protect themselves and their users.