The original casino city in the US is rapidly embracing AI as the gaming industry changes

Little by little, artificial intelligence (AI) applications have begun to make inroads into the world of casinos. It has been proven that any type of casino, virtual or physical, can benefit significantly from this advanced technology, which is currently focused mainly on computer security and customer service issues. The gaming industry in Las Vegas does not want to be left behind and has been registering a high use of AI to improve the way it provides the experience to its visitors.

AI is here to stay and will be implemented in most resort locations in Sin City in the coming years. While it is true that this city has been known for the great entertainment it exudes for quite a few years now, there is no doubt that the experience can be taken to another level by means of today’s advanced technologies. One of the first things a guest will notice at a resort is how the IA can enhance their stay incredibly, as well as make for a better and more innovative night on the casino floors.

If you’ve visited any of Caesars Entertainment’s locations in the last few years, chances are you’ve already seen how AI is doing its thing. “Ivy” is a virtual concierge that has the ability to answer any questions guests may have. Instead of having to walk down a large number of floors and wait in long lines at the front desk to be served, a guest can text Ivy to complete certain actions, such as entertainment and food recommendations, make dinner reservations, request housekeeping, view pool and amenity schedules, and even frequently asked questions such as the Wi-Fi password.

As this trend continues to grow, and although Las Vegas is currently one of the epicenters, it is not uncommon to see other casinos in different parts of the country begin to follow suit, taking the gaming industry to another level.