Physical and virtual casinos are quickly adapting AI solutions to fuel better casino safety

It can be said that artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer a concept that is limited to enjoying a luxury status in business. All types of industries are embracing the technology to provide assistance in a number of applications and the casino industry has been the most active in deploying AI solutions in its operations. One area that has started to receive a lot of attention from casinos is safety management, and AI is helping casinos improve their safety policies.

Both physical and online casinos have to be concerned about safety, whether for employees, customers or both. AI-based safety management protocols rely on the technology to analyze potential risks with nothing more than pictures, providing a much more adequate solution than if the activity were overseen by human employees. With the help of machine learning, AI safety management solutions can recognize hazards from thousands of pictures in a matter of minutes with an accuracy rate that could never be achieved through human oversight.

The AI solutions, with the proper data at its disposal, can observe all of the conditions and possible risks from a safety standpoint, while also ensuring that the casino is following complains and best practice procedures. This not only increases efficiency, but prevents any unexpected surprises that could lead to regulatory fines or unwanted litigation.

AI is providing the mechanism that allows for better safety management in the casino, but it isn’t replacing its human counterpart. Instead, it is able to identify the potential risks that can then be delivered to a human in order for the final decision to be made. The result is a symbiotic relationship that allows AI to provide improvements to the safety management program, virtually eliminating possible risks that might have otherwise gone unnoticed for days.