Gaming investors are gaining confidence as AI helps make better, more trustworthy options

Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping companies and entrepreneurs to make more conscious decisions regarding where to invest their capital. For those investors who don’t want to engage in business with a company that does not meet ethical standards, the time spent pouring over financial indicators and fund fact sheets is no longer needed thanks to technology. Industries that walk fine lines when it comes to what is allowed – like the gambling or liquor industry – are making great use of AI tools to help them figure out which companies will be appropriate to engage in business with, based on how they stand on certain issues and events.

Gambling operators have a lot of opportunities in terms of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investing, and those organizations that don’t meet that targets can be easily excluded by AI. For humans, this could easily turn into a tedious process and the problem with current listings available is that they still have big error margins. Therefore, data mining is something that AI is facilitating to be able to select which are the best investments. It’s not enough just to grade the companies and establish a minimum score; investors also need to know if the capital that will be invested will have good performance and if it is worthwhile. That’s where AI plays a major role, as it can take relevant information from collected data that has no particular structure and turn it into something logical.

For example, gambling operators can determine which providers are working with strict anti-money laundering regulations and gambling responsibility protocols and choose whether to work with them based on how the issue is approached. Those companies that are not doing their share to protect the customer from falling into a gambling addiction or that don’t care where the funds are coming from might not be reliable, and engaging in business with them is not smart. The algorithms used by AI can also get even more specific and go as far as tagging those black-owned businesses or those supporting certain civil rights, so a cause can be supported while still earning a return.