Online casinos are rolling out AI solutions to prevent gaming problems

Responsible gaming policies are part of the operations of most gambling operators since almost the beginning of the industry; however, it wasn’t until now that more effective methods of monitoring gambling problems have been offered. Artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually revolutionizing the gambling industry, adding relevant features to multiple parts of the operation. Companies like GAMING1 are dedicated to offering the operators responsible gambling products by releasing a range of AI player protection tools. It comes as a toolkit, designed by its own development team, that aims to monitor what players are doing so any early signs of gambling problems can be detected with enough time.

“We’ve created a cutting-edge product suite that promotes responsible gambling for all, once again demonstrating GAMING1’s unwavering commitment to player protection,” said COO of GAMING1 Sylvain Boniver, referring to the launch. “With continued innovation and hard work, our focus is on developing solutions that not only protect players but the integrity of the sector as a whole.”

This new product uses AI and data science technologies to gather data about all players’ behavior while they are playing by monitoring activity. All the data is then assessed by the GAMING1’s responsible gaming operation team with the help of machine learning technologies that can further analyze the behavior based on the company’s proprietary modeling. This means that, based on the input that these machines learned, they can quickly recognize early signs of gambling problems with the help of an in-house team of player protection experts. Once a problem is detected, the software sends the report to the operator so these customers can receive assistance and recommendations in a timely manner.

This product is being introduced to more than 20 online gaming brands that GAMING1 provides services to, as well as to land-based partners located in Spain, Portugal, France, Serbia, Peru and Colombia.