Lead generation is now being augmented by artificial intelligence’s skills

It is known that no matter how big the industry is, the development of new prospects is fundamental for its growth. A new platform based on artificial intelligence (AI) could come as a positive breakthrough for the iGaming market to be able to attract more new players to its online casinos.

Ascend Advisers, a digital sales enablement firm, has taken on the task of helping the gambling industry by creating a platform to leverage AI and social media to generate new leads. Dubbed AscendAI, this platform has never been created before, as it combines AI with the world’s number one lead generation platform, LinkedIn.

There is no doubt that having access to such an extensive database will be of great benefit to today’s online casinos looking to promote their great gaming experiences. With the legacy of AscendAI, iGaming operators will be able to find a perfect solution to build credible relationships faster than they could ever do on their own through traditional means.

It is well known that today, at different times, it can be a difficult task to attract new players to gambling platforms. However, AI has arrived to offer marketing strategies, better customer service, improved security, and many other factors that are extremely attractive to new prospects. Technology is advancing more and more and many online casinos are taking full advantage of it, making their market grow incredibly and keeping a firm place during all these years. As time goes by, there is no doubt that new users will start to notice all these implementations and will not be able to resist wanting to experience them and venture into this innovative world.