AI solutions are mitigating online risks better and faster than their human predecessors

The online gaming industry has been growing steadily in recent years. More and more users are joining the Internet to be able to do their favorite activities and play online. However, the public has always been afraid of how the network works and the security of their information and money. Today, there are more and more platforms in the iGaming sector that adapt to the tastes of consumers, and in order to leave those fears behind, they have chosen to turn to artificial intelligence (AI) as a powerful weapon for the security of the platforms.

In a world that is increasingly adding to the online industry, cybersecurity has taken on great importance. Country governments play a crucial role in enforcing this through the control, direction and coordination of technical protocols to protect consumer data and information. Today, AI is used to identify breaches, predict vulnerabilities and automate processes to remediate any security breaches.

It’s no secret that bad actors have taken the way they operate to the next level and that’s why online casinos must have security teams that are capable of handling these capabilities. AI is the ideal ally to achieve that as it extends human capabilities in multiple cybersecurity tasks, including assessing, monitoring and resolving security issues. As a result, the security departments have more time to focus on higher-value problems, which allows them to collaborate more effectively and strategically throughout the development lifecycle.

That is why this technology plays a crucial role in online gambling and casinos. Among some of the AI protocols are consumer age verification and the control of illicit behavior by users as well as casinos. Something that will be paramount to ensure trust and compliance with all laws on a daily basis.