Advanced technology is giving casino operators more security and accuracy

The gambling industry is one of the fastest-growing industries around the world. In spite of the COVID-19 setback, it is still advancing at an exponential rate and bringing in new technologies to help with a transitioning environment. Artificial intelligence (AI) has always been closely watched by casinos, and the innovation in the technology is making it easier for casino operators to manage their businesses. AI is already found in multiple facets of casino activity, and is also making its way into the dealer segment. The introduction of AI-based robot dealers has already begun.

Several companies have already started developing robot dealers that are designed around AI and machine learning. These have the ability to perform more accurately and with fewer interruptions, and several casinos across the globe, especially in areas like Macau, are already testing the latest technology. These robots can reportedly shuffle and deal cards and are highly efficient at their jobs.

AI-based robots are also able to provide monitoring services for casinos, observing player activity and their wagers to rate them and determine what type of comps should be given. Since human pit bosses, who have historically handled this aspect of casino operations, are limited in how many players they can effectively monitor, using AI solutions is a better, more efficient choice.

These AI-based solutions are not designed to replace humans in casinos; they serve to augment the services their human counterparts provide. The robots are delivering solutions that bring innovation and a new user experience to the casino, delivering more excitement and action – two traits that gambling houses need to provide as competition continues to increase.