The gaming industry is going to find itself diving deeper into AI and VR to improve the customer experience

The upcoming ’20s decade promises to bring impressive technology advancements that will reshape the way people do certain things, if not everything. Left behind will be the times where petroleum and combustion engines were ruling the business activity, and businesses will slowly move to microchips and the highest internet speeds ever seen. Emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) along with machine learning software, or virtual reality (VR), are getting plenty of attention from different sectors of business activity. The gaming and gambling sectors have an edge already since they have been offering new digital technologies the possibility of getting creative and testing new features. Particularly this year, significant advances will come from AI getting fully integrated into gaming operations.

Several casinos, both online and land-based, are already integrating AI technologies, like machine learning, mainly to help companies process data efficiently and set up behavioral patterns that could lead to fraud or gambling addiction. AI has plenty of applications and most likely this year will bring new features to large gaming operations like the most popular casinos in Las Vegas. Facial recognition software uses machine learning and data gathering to identify a face and put in on database, this application will take casinos security to the next level – it can help identify underage players quickly, or a person that has been banned from entering the facilities, or simply follow responsible gaming guidelines and quickly recognize players with potential for gambling addiction to offer alternatives and recommendations.

For online gaming services, the benefits to come are countless. Other AI-based companies offer data analytics tools designed to improve the customer’s experience. Gamblers could actually get personalized offers from the software about new releases, promotions, or games that can be of interest to the customer based on its patterns of choices. Another aspect that AI can make simpler is the automation of processes, chatbots have been gaining territory in the customer service area for its ability to continue improving based on the data they absorb. In an industry that cares the most about the customer’s experience, AI will be permeating stronger this year.