Great things are coming to the online gambling space

Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to today’s industries is a reality, and it will continue to evolve alongside virtually all companies. For the gaming and gambling online industry, it is estimated that the impact will be so significant that the industry will be worth $87.75 billion by 2024. A recent report from an analyst agency, Mordor Intelligence LLP, all areas of the online industry are covered, including casino and sports betting, as well as online poker. Based on analysts’ opinions, most of the growth for this industry will be coming from the implementation of AI and machine learning technology.

For instance, for the online poker sector, AI already demonstrated its capacity regarding bots playing better than professional players. Even recently, a bot called Pluribus was able to beat a No-Limit Hold’em poker table with several players. Even though the intention is not to set up bots to play against other players, this technology proves that AI already has enough processing power and capacity to solve complex situations in a game that has more than one unpredictable variable.

One of the concerns for the future is how the industry will handle the negative part of AI, which is something that is often left out. In the last couple of years, there were some online poker sites suffering for commercially available bots that implemented AI and were able to play undetected for a while. The use of any technology with bad intentions will always happen no matter the sector of the industry, and what is of most relevance is to ensure that the positive outweighs any negatives. If bots start to rise again in the online gaming industry, then AI must be used to enforce security. Based on the latest data, and assuming that the online gaming industry can face any new challenge and find a solution, AI should be bringing a lot of innovation and growth to the industry in the next four years.