AI is helping improve security and provide better transparency for online gaming

A global threat that continues to grow alongside emerging technologies is cyber fraud, and, as one of the most dangerous economic crimes, companies are investing a lot of resources into fighting it back. Historically, online casinos have been the usual targets of cybercriminals, mostly because of the anonymity of them and softer verification requirements for customers. In addition, online casinos are also victims of criminals using their platform to launder funds obtained illegally. As online casinos gain a better reputation and compete at the same level as land-based casinos, more funds are being invested in improving fraud prevention, and one of the most recent and effective additions to this area has been artificial intelligence (AI), which is starting to revolutionize the security industry in the near future.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a direct impact on the adoption of virtual technologies as it has forced people to accelerate its transition to the digital world. This situation also created a significant increase in the amount of online fraud going on since then, as some industries were not even prepared to handle large online traffic volumes. The online casino industry has seen a surge in traffic since March, and AI has been helping operators to simplify the long verification process. It can recognize and classify documents by reading some complex security features that might exist like holograms and micro text, which makes the verification process even more reliable and secure.

On the other hand, with the help of biometrics, the standards of fraud prevention are even higher. Currently, there is a machine that has been trained to determine if it is interacting with a physically present human being and not an inanimate object. This machine is capable of identifying stolen photos, deep fake videos, or masks that are frequently used to create multiple online accounts to commit fraud. As technology advances, so are the techniques used by fraudsters, and it is believed that AI, combined with the more and better biometrics, is what is going to help casinos keep up with online threats.