The rapid inclusion of AI in online casinos and virtual gambling has become the catalyst for greater adoption

Online gaming was already on its way to becoming a strong competitor to brick-and-mortar casinos, but it has gained a strong advantage due to artificial intelligence (AI). There are a number of reasons why this has been possible, and the trend isn’t going to slow down – if anything, it’s going to move at a faster pace. AI is giving online casinos a superior edge over land-based casinos, providing automatic support in areas such as customer service, marketing, security and more.

AI is already being used to handle certain customer service aspects for online casinos, allowing operators to cut costs while handling larger volumes. Going forward, AI is going to become even more integrated into the online platforms, allowing the technology to access specific player data that enables a complete personalized approach based on the individual’s profile. The move toward AI-based customer service is gaining traction, and a recent survey conducted by Oracle revealed that 78% of consumer brands “have already implemented or are planning to implement artificial intelligence and virtual reality by 2020 to better serve customers.”

AI is also able to target younger gamblers better than can land-based casinos. This is due, in part, to the fact that younger consumers are more in tune with technology and innovation, and are more attracted to AI and its benefits in everyday life. Millennials are more prone to gambling online than visiting a brick-and-mortar casino, and the integration of AI solutions, as well as virtual reality, will continue to draw more gamblers to online options.

One of the biggest advantages AI can offer online casinos is security – both for the operator and the user. AI can instantaneously identify potential threats and instances of cheating, stopping them before they become a real issue. This allows operators to provide a safer, more secure environment that protects them, while, at the same time, giving consumers the level of confidence they need to interact with the venue.

AI is still relatively young, but is improving at an astronomical rate. Even over just the past year, there have been vast improvements in the technology, and things aren’t slowing down. In only a few short years, the gaming scene is going to be substantially different than it is now, and online casinos are going to command a huge part of the market in no time.