Marketing departments in the gaming industry can make great use of AI to enhance their ops

The ever-evolving industry of digital marketing is being disrupted by the arrival of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). Anything that a person sees or receives through any device that connects to the Internet is now being used to promote products and services.
It is an essential part of gambling operations, both land-based and online, as it allows a company to expand its reach, bring in new customers and help to build the brand’s reputation. Particularly for the gaming iGaming industry, the competition is fierce, so marketing departments are constantly pushing for creativity and innovation, and that is exactly what AI is bringing to the scene.

The industry is being transformed by the integration of emerging technologies and, in marketing, AI is allowing a more effective, efficient and engaging approach that can be adjusted depending on the target market. The large amount of data that is already being collected by online gaming venues is now being collected and analyzed by AI machines that can expose new patterns and aspects that can be useful to improve the customer’s experience. All this can be done in a cost-effective and measurable way, which is not something that was possible before AI was integrated.

One way in which AI affects digital marketing is the automation of processes that are at the same time are more efficient in suggesting more personalized content. At the same time, technologies like virtual reality (VR) are being used by online operators to provide innovative services. In the future, it will also allow marketing departments to reach new groups through being able to show customers what products are being offered in a more immersive way. This technology, however, still has a long way to go as new platforms are being released and more companies are offering more affordable VR gear.