The gaming ecosystem is being revolutionized through AI and other innovation

The convenience and easy access that the online gambling scene has is turning this activity into a very profitable one. Online casinos are starting to compete at the same level as land-based casinos with the help of all the technological advances, and it won’t be long before people would prefer to gamble online instead of leaving the comfort of their homes. Artificial intelligence (AI) has brought amazing new technologies, such as augmented reality (AR), that can take the customer to a whole new place, combining real-life scenarios with the virtual world. Online casinos are seeking to shorten the gap with land-based casinos by integrating AR features that take the customer’s experience to the next level.

One of the biggest challenges was to offer something else than just staring at a computer screen and clicking on a button. AR allows gamblers to have an online experience like never before. It introduces several elements to the customer’s screen with the goal of mimicking the amazing experience of being gambling in a real casino facility. Currently, online sports gambling companies have been using AR to offer live streaming of several events. This means that gamblers are allowed to watch in real-time the game, as well as the current odds on each match they are interested in and finally decide on a bet.

Some casinos are making a full integration of artificial intelligence (AI)-based technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and AR, to enhance the experience. With the help of a VR set, people can play any casino game without even feeling like they are at home. The level of development of this technology, allows players to get immersed in a life-like world in which there can be interactions with other people such as customers, and dealers. Through the use of digital content that has been made specifically to work with AR and VR, the user can get the impression of a real human dealing the cards, hear all the common noises inside a casino and see how your chip stack increases amid a winning streak.