AI is making it easier and safer for iGaming operators to manage their payments

While digital transformation continues to change people’s lives, in the world of business-to-business (B2B) payments there is still much to be done. However, artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived to change the landscape. Many of the operators in the iGaming industry have opted to use this wonderful technology in an effort to make B2B processing a better one.

The B2B payment mix continues to move away from checks. There are a growing number of opportunities to innovate on existing and evolving payment lanes for both buyers and suppliers. Looking ahead, it is possible to foresee growth and innovation focused on efficiency and speed thanks to AI.

Increased adoption of technologies across different online casinos, such as straight-through processing and integrated platforms, will generate even greater operational and process efficiencies between acquirers and suppliers. Industry experts consider ease and flexibility important.

Products and services will have to meet customer demand for more modern, intuitive consumer-like solutions that are easy to implement, easy to use on a day-to-day basis, and have the flexibility to support multiple use cases—and delivered through robust digital experiences.

Businesses expect digital payment tools that combine real-time data, enterprise standards and consumer-like experiences. This is something that many operators in the iGaming market have been able to achieve through AI solutions.

There is no doubt that innovation in data and intelligence will be an absolutely critical technological advancement. It can facilitate smarter payment decisions through data-driven analytics tools, such as machine learning, as well as intelligent routing and pricing engines.