UNLV and Nutanix Software join Caesars in developing a new innovation research program

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) needs to be followed by a period in which the technology can be tested without compromising the well-functioning of a gaming location. Nutanix Software is presenting a new research and technology hub called Black Fire Innovation that will assist this purpose. Teaming up with Caesars Entertainment and UNLV, Nutanix will be delivering power and flexibility to test differing innovations in technology through the use of this hub that was opened up at the end of last year.

Black Fire is a 43,000 square feet facility in which the concepts of gaming and hospitality are tested to reach new levels. This hub contains elements of fake hotel rooms, a casino and a sportsbook, even an eSports studio is included, imitating the arena-style seating and offering virtual reality facilities. Focusing on new gaming and hospitality concepts, the use of this facility can help technology accelerate and advance for this purpose.

“Black Fire will serve as a hub for technology innovation in our industry, and for that, we need a platform for accelerating time to value and delivering the performance, availability, and simplified management that’s critical to our success.,” said Sali Kulkarni, EVP & interim chief information officer of Caesars Entertainment. “As a Nutanix customer, we knew the benefits their software could bring to this environment and decided to team up with them to power Black Fire.”

Testing new technologies, such as blockchain, data science, robotic automation and AI, the customer experience can be really taken to a new level. Imagine the possibilities of a casino participating directly in testing these technological advancements. “Black Fire Innovation brings together UNLV’s innovation with Caesars’ market leadership to create space where the technology community – from startups to students – can work together to move the industry forward,” Dave Gwyn, SVP of the US west, east and public sector and Latin America at Nutanix, said. “Nutanix removes the complexity of the underlying technology infrastructure so the team and partners at Black Fire can focus on innovation.”