Blockchain and AI are giving iGaming operators more tools to market their products

Navigating the marketing landscape has never been an easy task for the iGaming industry. No matter how big or small brands are, being able to successfully market at times can be challenging, but with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, that story can change.

Being able to properly launch a new service or product into the gambling market in a way that meets the specific needs of a player is just as important as the actual act of launching it. Not many online casinos manage this strategy in the right way, and very few brands scale beyond the basic concepts found in marketing. That’s why Ojamu, a marketing technology company based in Singapore, set out to solve this increasingly common problem.

Ojamu makes use of AI, blockchain and even non-fungible tokens (NFT) to revolutionize digital marketing. By utilizing technology with another level of advancement, cutting-edge online casinos not only manage to predict the most efficient digital marketing approach but also navigate the marketing landscape in a more successful way. “The purpose of Ojamu is to help brands navigate this new realm of digital marketing, especially organic marketing, which is the latest trend today,” said Hal Bame, CEO, and co-founder of Ojamu.

The company intends to leverage all the advanced solutions made possible by disruptive blockchain technology. By implementing natural language processing, automation, machine learning, and AI toolsets, Ojamu provides a crucial tool for the iGaming industry to be able to address many of the challenges found in marketing.