Advanced chatbots are propelling online casino growth and improving the user experience

Almost every consumer has had an experience with an eCommerce platform’s chatbot that left something to be desired. At first, they were clunky and difficult to work with, but artificial intelligence (AI) has delivered a chatbot solution that is well beyond the capabilities of its predecessors. The online casino segment has quickly embraced AI-based chatbots in order to make the user experience more enjoyable, and the result is substantial growth for the gambling platforms.

AI-based chatbots are now able to interact with users as if they were live individuals. They are capable of understanding the meaning of the communication, and not just the words, getting to the root of the user’s issue. The technology is able to be integrated into any casino solution, including computer-based platforms and smartphone and mobile devices, providing an efficient solution that reduces the customer effort and increases the user’s satisfaction.

AI chatbots are able to learn from previous interactions, becoming intuitive and more natural. They also provide enhanced security and information being sent by the user to the platform is safer and protected. This increases the overall level of security and integrity of the online casino, further examples of how the user experience is improved.

There has already been significant growth in the adoption of AI-based chatbots over the past two years, and annual growth is predicted to occur exponentially as the technology improves. This is allowing online casinos to become more efficient while delivering a better product to consumers, with greater AI inclusion expected to follow.