AI-based digital marketing is helping casinos become more appealing to larger market segments

In order to attract new customers, and keep current customers happy, businesses have to be where the consumers are. These days, this means the Internet, which means digital marketing is more important than ever. As the online casino segment becomes more competitive, operators are increasingly looking for ways to be more appealing to gamers, and artificial intelligence (AI) is providing a great amount of support. AI-based digital marketing efforts are delivering greater, highly targeted results that are driving traffic better than ever before.

Digital marketing covers several aspects, such as email marketing, content creation, social media and more. All of these have been improved through the inclusion of AI, and are now more efficient and effective at achieving desired results. Several email distribution applications, including the highly-popular MailChimp, have added new AI-based tools that can compile, sort and analyze all necessary data from email campaigns to test their effectiveness. The tools can even generate ROI reports, saving casinos a lot of time.

While still considered immature by technology standards, AI-based content creation has arrived.
There have already been complete articles that, given just a basic storyline, were written entirely by AI algorithms. These can be generated with all the right SEO keywords in place, providing perfectly-written marketing pieces that only need to be reviewed by a human in order to verify the article’s validity.

Social media platforms have used AI to augment their ad revenue activity for years. However, the same tools are now available to casinos and other businesses in order to provide better-targeted ads that can speak more specifically to an individual, and not just a certain demographic. This allows casino markets to develop deeper relationships with consumers, without having to inject more funds into their marketing programs.