Casino marketing is making substantial improvements through the use of artificial intelligence

Deep learning may be assumed to be something only related to IT departments. However, it is more pervasive than people realize and is the technology that is used in a number of everyday items. It is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows smart speakers to understand when people talk to them, it is an integral part of online search algorithm web page rankings and it decides where online ads are placed on a desktop or mobile app or desktop device. It’s also making a huge splash in the casino industry, being used to help marketers significantly improve their marketing and advertising efforts.

At a base level, deep learning is a branch of machine learning that relies on deep neural network (DNN) technology to create a narrow form of AI. The technology that powers language translation software, facial recognition, voice assistants and more, with all of these solutions becoming increasingly important to everyday life. Deep learning can automate tasks to free up resources and manpower, making it a valuable asset for casinos looking to reduce costs.

Deep learning allows casinos to create highly personalized and relevant content. These are crucial to customer retention, as well as for attracting new customers. Studies have shown that over 90% of consumers are more inclined to interact with a brand that shares relevant recommendations and personalized offers, which means marketers have to use every tool at their disposal to keep their brands competitive. By incorporating deep learning into their marketing plans, marketers are better equipped to acquire, engage and retain customers while, at the same time, providing a better experience.