AI-based marketing is allowing casinos to provide continuous sales-targeted campaigns around the clock

Marketing any type of product or service is a full-time job. Consumers aren’t spending money on purchases only during normal working hours, and marketers have historically struggled with how to increase sales after having spent the weekend away from the office. The prevalence of online gaming now instinctively implies that round-the-clock marketing is required to stay competitive, and casinos are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to help achieve that goal.

Previously, before AI became as common as it is now, marketing meant compiling data and spending hours interpreting it before decisions could be made. However, AI is giving marketers an extreme advantage, especially in digital marketing, because of its inherent ability to receive, compile and process all of that data automatically in a matter of seconds. This allows marketers to develop new marketing campaigns quicker, giving them the ability to react quicker to market changes or to be proactive in facilitating those changes.

AI goes even further, though, as it allows marketers to now pass off a lot of the digital marketing activity to the AI solutions. AI, in processing the data, can create interim marketing campaigns automatically in order to keep the casino’s message at the top of the charts and to develop a more thorough customer experience with minimal human intervention.

AI can automatically capture and measure end-to-end customer data, as well as attribute ROI to different channels and activities. This allows it to understand quickly what is working and what isn’t, leading to streamlined marketing campaigns that are able to follow a present list of requirements. Conversion rates increase, especially over the weekends, and real-time solutions are provided to users, ensuring the casino stays relevant around the clock, seven days a week.