The extensive data analytics capabilities of AI make it a great tool for casino marketing

According to some estimates, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will generate as much as $2.6 trillion in value over the next three years as they tackle sales and marketing issues around the globe. The online casino industry has been one of the first to grasp the importance of AI for improving operations, relying on its strong data analytics capabilities to drive personalized marketing and increase sales. As AI continues to improve, its place in casino marketing departments is only going to become more pronounced.

The online gaming segment has turned to AI for demand sensing, allowing marketers to better predict unique consumer patterns across broad geographic regions. As many iGaming platforms are now able to serve customers in multiple countries at the same time, this ability allows marketers to create more refined and personalized marketing campaigns that directly result in higher traffic flows. This creates more relevant marketing inventory and a reduction in obsolete campaigns.

AI and ML also give marketers the ability to create better modeling techniques, which lead to enhanced and optimized marketing models. This allows marketers to better visualize their expenses and creates insight that would not be possible through manual analysis. In doing so, marketers are better positioned to develop targeted solutions that respond to consumers’ changing tastes.

AI and ML also give iGaming marketers the ability to accelerate revenue growth and increase performance. The actionable insights provided through AI data analysis, which is more inclusive and covers more data points, leads to personalized consumer experiences at scale, while reducing the time needed to introduce campaigns. AI also helps marketers automate their data processing and routine tasks, which leads to more availability that can be allocated to new marketing initiatives.