Back-of-house casino operations find support with AI alternatives

A company that offers a software service to other companies to enhance productivity has made a big addition to its services, adding artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). ServiceNow Inc. is a company that offers automation in different processes that are related to workflow, and it announced last week that AI and ML are coming to its Orlando’s platform. This company, based in San Francisco, already provides services to huge gaming and gambling companies, and this enhanced platform will use technology to have virtual agents available for clients, who can take care of repetitive requests.

“Orlando is our biggest product launch in a decade,” ServiceNow Chief Executive Bill McDermott told MarketWatch in a phone call. “This platform is unique for digital transformation, in terms of predictive analytics.” The company’s leader joined the company late last year and ServiceNow was already booming by then. Its annual revenue growth jumped last year by an impressive 33% for a total of $3.46 billion.

The company recently acquired AI startups Passage AI and Loom Systems in an effort to commit to the implementation and growth of AI and ML technologies. “The biggest advantages to the Orlando release are in providing predictive and prescriptive guidance via virtual agents that should provide productivity improvements for IT and help desk support staff,” David Schubmehl, research director for IDC’s Cognitive/Artificial Intelligent Systems and Content Analytics, told MarketWatch in email. “The use of virtual agents will provide employees with 24×7 support experiences when human staff is unavailable.”

Using AI to enhance customer service in a casino company is just the first step and it can be easily taken to other areas. In this software, including AI and machine learning is letting companies gather real-time data, that is accurate, and that can be analyzed to change and automate processes.