Casinos can take advantage of advanced AI solutions to improve their bottom lines

One of the particularities of the casino industry is that it has the capacity to generate impressive amounts of data in a matter of seconds. So far, operators have been using this data to figure out patterns and specific moves from their guests to determine which promotion could be a success based on the games that are being played, or even to observe things like how effective giving away meals and free play and other rewards to customers can be. Even though this has been done for a while, artificial intelligence (AI) came to put things into a new perspective through its capacity to gather data and regroup it in multiple ways, giving space for operators to find new areas in which casinos can increase their profitability.

For casinos, the information has always been there, as IT departments have assigned large warehouses to aggregate all this data; however, it wasn’t until now that this data is being fully functional. AI systems can answer questions, such as “which slot machines should I convert or change today without jeopardizing critical guest segments?” or “Should I leave an underperforming machine on the floor?” Machine learning alongside AI can answer those questions and answer them quickly, in a way that is friendly for users even if they do not hold a computer science degree.

Kiran Brahmandam, who develops these products for the gambling industry, gathered a team of programmers from Berkeley, CA, and input obtained from casino operators to develop Gaming Analytics.AI. This tool requires a paid subscription totally worth it for the impressive results it has been having. Starting with the standard monthly slot floor analysis that took three days to be ready, now it can be put together in less than 30 minutes. Besides that, the tool provides further information about demographics and geographical location to determine where is the most potential and which areas should be tied to which campaigns.