Gaming is the perfect place to test new technologies

The gaming industry has been serving as the testing field for new rising technologies over the past decades. Several technologies have transcended to other industries after gaming helped to popularize things like smartphones and online assistance, and to launch streaming platforms. The casino gaming industry has played an important role in the development of new technologies as well. However, it is not as popular as others, since several countries and governments have a direct prohibition on internet gambling. Despite that, as the casino gaming industry becomes more accepted, new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), are more connected to casino gaming.

AI technology has been present for several years; however, it was not really perceivable by everyone as it started from the most basic, creating computer contenders to beat real people in games like chess. The casino industry has helped AI to propel and reach new levels. For instance, just last year, a bot called Pluribus was finally able to defeat professional poker players in a table of six playing Texas Hold’em. It is far from being a simple achievement, poker is a game that involves skills, leverage, deception, and some guessing, so it is quite impressive that an AI program can do all that. Another feature fully integrated into casino gaming is the Random Number Generation (RNG), which is based on an algorithm that has multiple functionalities. It helps detect fraud, but in the casino industry, it has been integrated into each software for several years to the point that RNG is commonly certified by a third-party agency to guarantee fairness in the game.

Another technology that also integrates AI is virtual reality (VR) that has been making its way into the market in recent times. More than just adventuring in a game, VR is being taken to the casino industry. This technology has moved slower than expected, but virtual casinos are already in the plans for online casinos, where people can be transported to the most iconic casinos in the world without leaving home.