AI allows casino operators to better sort through data to produce insights on how brands are viewed

Marketing is founded on properly aggregating and analyzing data. The more data to be aggregated, the better the marketing result. The casino industry is increasingly becoming bigger and more competitive and being able to deliver the right marketing messages is more important than ever. Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping casino marketers achieve that goal, starting with the company’s brand identity.

A company’s brand is more than just its logo and creatives; it is also the collective impression assigned to the company by consumers. Each experience consumers have with a company is responsible for the brand identity. As casinos have to rapidly innovate to respond to increased competition, ensuring the creation of an authentic brand experience becomes more difficult without the proper analysis.

To assist casino marketers, AI is able to enhance the brand experience by ensuring that marketing messages can reach a wider audience. Video content that should be available for hearing-impaired viewers is improved through AI-generated captions, eliminating the need for manual intervention. For those with visual impairments, AI-generated image captions allow casino marketers to ensure their message is received without confusion or resource-intensive manual input.

AI also allows casino marketers to better understand the customer experience. It goes beyond just processing large amounts of data to be able to perform sentiment analysis. AI gives marketers more tools to interpret feedback and better align the attended brand with the brand perception. It also allows for the creation of personalized branding experiences, which is even more necessary in an industry, like online gaming, that caters to multiple regions simultaneously 24 hours a day.