New AI solutions give casinos the ability to target the individual consumer, not just the group

Over the years, consumers have begun to feel as though they were nothing more than a number or a statistic to companies. The business industry has lost the personal touch that consumers want, but things are beginning to change. Artificial intelligence (AI) is now making it easier for businesses to target the individual, not an entire segment of consumers, and casinos are taking notice. They are now able to provide solutions that are specific to individual customers, giving them the one-on-one interaction they expect.

AI is now adding value to the individual consumer, allowing casinos to drill down and build complete internal profiles on each customer. That is possible because of AI’s ability to receive and process tens of thousands of data points simultaneously, which is used to compartmentalize user profiles and preferences. As a result, AI can draw on multitudes of data ranges at once in order to produce fast and efficient decisions that are driven by individual customers.

This, in turn, facilitates the creation of real value for the customer as a person, not just a number. This produces better customer service and an improved user experience, which is paramount to increased success by the casino operator. As competition in the gaming segment continues to increase, operators need to find new and innovative ways to stay one step ahead of their rivals, which they are able to accomplish by using AI to selectively interact with their users on a one-on-one basis.