Adobe is no longer just a photo editing solution as it begins to offer AI-based digital marketing software

As far as being able to edit photos or any type of graphic, Adobe’s Photoshop became the go-to solution. It reached such a high level of popularity that it even became an accepted verb, with everyone “photoshopping” their pictures. Capitalizing on its strength as a software developer, Adobe has expanded into other forms of software, and just announced that it is introducing a new set of digital marketing tools based on artificial intelligence (AI). These new solutions, which were only released this week, could prove to be especially beneficial to the casino industry.

Adobe’s new AI marketing tools are capable of scanning and labeling thousands of product images by shape or color through the integrated natural-language technology that categorizes the images based on the subject of an article. As a result, casino marketers, in particular, can now provide even more personalized solutions to individual users, offering content based on their web browsing habits. Although similar technology has already been available, this is one of the first examples of an all-inclusive AI digital marketing solution being released.

Previously, creating this type of personalized content was a multi-step process that required marketers to download large amounts of data and then coordinate with other departments to find a suitable solution. Explains Adobe Director of Strategy and Product Marketing Ali Bohra, “When you’re thinking about the need to be agile and work in real time, this is not a process that works very well.” However, the AI is now included directly into the marketing systems, creating a more efficient marketing alternative.