Advances in AI are making it more difficult for cheaters to survive

There are many aspects in which casinos can use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their operations, not only for a better gaming experience, but also to run the business more efficiently. Gambling venues have been taking services to new levels with the implementation of new features and a better selection of graphics and gameplay with a touch of personalized service. But more internally, AI is now enhancing how casinos approach security by relying on machines that can identify possible risky situations and make immediate reports. More casinos are adding AI-powered services to tackle collusion, fraudulent transactions and even bot problems in gambling sites.

Casinos welcome thousands of visitors at the same time, so delivering a unique experience for each gambler was unthinkable a few years ago. AI is now one of the main actors behind the scenes of a casino, collecting and processing data to personalized game recommendations and promotions to gamblers. AI is also protecting the customers from being targets of fraudulent users who are taking advantage of the technology to commit fraud. For instance, online poker sites struggle with the presence of bots that can play nonstop hands to generate rake and get other benefits. AI analyzes the data collected from human players with regular behaviors to form a profile of what would be normal and then being able to detect an unregular pattern.

The same feature can be used to detect those players who are using fraudulent methods to deposit funds with the intention to steal funds from other players. Usually, casinos cannot insure their players; therefore, if there is any security breach resulting in a customer losing money, casinos will have to pay back. AI can spot unusual behavior even when making deposits and report to the operators, so accounts with strange origins and odd behaviors can be blocked immediately for further review.