AI-based security is becoming the norm at land-based casinos across the US

It is very likely that, if a survey were given to different casino visitors, they would say that it is extremely tedious to empty their pockets and wallets every time they enter the facilities. However, in Southwest Michigan and Indiana, the gaming industry is improving its security systems through the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI).

According to reports, a new AI-based weapons detection system would mean that people would no longer have to go through those annoying pat-downs every time they enter Four Winds casinos. Casinos located in the southwest of both states are beginning to implement this innovation in which a non-contact detection of weapons can be made. In order to accomplish this, they have tied up with Evolv Technology, a company specializing in AI security.

Four Winds Casino in South Bend, IN, will be the first resort where the detection system will be installed, followed by Four Winds locations in New Buffalo, Hartford and Dowagiac. With this new system, people will no longer have to stop, empty their pockets or even have to open their bags to be searched. However, according to a press release, this does not mean that security personnel will no longer have the power to search bags whenever necessary and to ask for proper age identification.

“The health and safety of our guests and team members have always been our top priority and this proven technology from Evolv will allow us to provide a higher level of detection and security, without impacting our guests’ experience,” said Frank Freedman, CEO of Four Winds Casinos.

This system makes use of all the benefits provided by AI and is ten times more effective than the metal detectors that are commonly used. It is estimated that the system has the capacity to monitor more than 3,500 people per hour.