AI is giving casino operators the ability to keep the playing field level for everyone

The casino industry is worth millions of dollars every week, with greater potential coming as online gaming becomes more prevalent. While physical casinos became very experienced in identifying possible cheating, the same tactics used in brick-and-mortar properties cannot be utilized in online casinos. However, iGaming platforms still have an obligation to ensure gamblers don’t give themselves an unfair advantage, and artificial intelligence (AI) is helping online casino operators ensure that the playing field is kept level for everyone.

A physical casino may have ten tables with seven players each, making it difficult, but not impossible, to monitor activity to uncover fraud or cheating. Online casinos, however, have hundreds of players gambling at once, and it is much more difficult to track their activity. AI is helping casinos tackle the job by recording, storing and analyzing all wins and losses to identify potentially questionable patterns. It can process thousands of data points simultaneously, allowing it to provide a necessary function that wouldn’t be capable otherwise.

AI is constantly learning and advancing, and can now also identify if cheating bots are being used to give someone an unfair advantage. Some iGaming platforms have complete departments that run on AI to create a fair gaming experience for everyone, and these AI solutions can, within a matter of minutes, recognize patterns that could be linked to fraudulent activity. This helps ensure the operator is able to cover its assets, saving it millions of dollars, while also giving users the confidence they want and need to know that security and integrity are intrinsic components of the platform.