The use of AI for all aspects of the gambling scene is becoming more common

The advancement of new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) is helping the gaming industry to make giant steps forward as people become more interested in playing at online gaming venues. Most users turning to digital grounds don’t want to waste time; therefore, instant playability and satisfaction are important aspects that gaming operators need to pay attention to. A data-driven intelligence platform called SlotCatalog has been working on slot games for the iGaming industry for a while. Now, they shared a few insights regarding its accessible, innovative, user-friendly progressive jackpot mechanic that operates in Daily Drop Jackpots and how AI helps the industry with jackpots analytics.

“Our brand vision is to facilitate and assist operators in their business goals and decision making in marketing and product for online players. With that, we looked into the Daily Drop Jackpots, which offer a prize sum of £40,000 – £60,000 ($43,660 – $65,491),” explains a company spokesperson.

This platform was launched over a year ago, and ever since the games started, they have become quite popular among players. Apparently, from a psychological perspective, players would rather have the opportunity to play for the prize today as against tomorrow. In simple words, every day, more casino operators connect their online casino brand to the daily jackpot network. This allows massive daily jackpots to be won against the investment of time that larger progressive jackpots require.

With this new generation of slots that are empowered by AI analytics software, it is very likely that both their popularity and formats used increased alongside. This platform allows more casinos to simply upload their games to be part of a common slot machine network where huge daily prizes are being offered, coming from several casino operators. For instance, as of May 2020, more than $27 million in jackpot prizes were collected.