Casino cleanliness and safety is being enhanced by the inclusion of AI solutions

Facility managers have to constantly work to ensure the buildings for which they’re responsible are clean and safe. This has taken on an even stronger sense of urgency in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and land-based casinos, after spending months shuttered to prevent the spread of the virus, have to pay even closer attention to their facilities. Artificial intelligence (AI) is coming in to make the task a little easier, and casinos are able to better meet the challenges imposed by health and safety regulators because of the technology.

Over the next two years, AI is going to take on a larger role in casino facility management and is expected to be used by more than two-thirds of all properties. AI is giving facility managers the ability to create a number of improvements in how they operate, including the automation of maintenance processes, prevention of maintenance issues, enhanced training, a reduction in physical content and even new revenue opportunities.

As a part of AI, augmented reality (AR) has a huge impact on facilities management. It is going to see major growth, as well, and some analysts predict that it will be an $80-billion industry within four years. As casinos become smarter and digital becomes more pronounced, even at physical casinos, facilities managers are incorporating AI and VR to assist with almost all aspects of their operations. Even following the defeat of the coronavirus, AI will continue to be a part of everyday routines, having proven itself to be a reliable and efficient tool to allow casinos to better protect their properties and their guests.