Online security is reaching new levels of control through artificial intelligence

More companies are relying on cloud services to function, especially those entities that have multiple operations spread out over different countries. The iGaming industry has begun turning to cloud-based options to enhance its operations and serve multiple jurisdictions simultaneously, but online security is always an issue. Artificial intelligence (AI) for cloud operations has made tremendous advances recently, and Blue Hexagon now offers an agentless cloud-native AI security solution that secures operators’ activity better than ever.

Blue Hexagon’s technology addresses the security needs of cloud-first and cloud-enabled businesses, which demand runtime cloud security that provides actionable visibility, real-time threat defenses and continuous compliance. The AI-based security tools offer real-time threat defense, powered by deep learning, that protects against zero-day malware, ransomware, cryptojacking, command and control, lateral movement and other unauthorized activities. Security teams have access to actionable security visibility related to back-end functions, as well as user/entity insights. Blue Hexagon also helps entities achieve continuous compliance, avoid cloud misconfiguration and improve their intrusion detection.

“With the rise of cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) driving rapid enterprise workload migration to the cloud, new challenges with the security of cloud compute and network are ever-emerging,” said Nayeem Islam, CEO and Co-founder, Blue Hexagon. “Configuration and security posture management tools need to be augmented with network visibility to effectively deal with modern cloud threats, many of which are multi-stage attacks that manifest at runtime when cloud workloads and data are at their most vulnerable.”