New AI-based tools allow iGaming operators to enhance fraud detection and compliance checks

Many iGaming operators currently have large amounts of unprotected workloads with no efficient way to secure them. Often, the entities are managing multiple, single-purpose security solutions to protect these workload stacks, which can create operational burdens and security gaps. However, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), today’s new security capabilities provide comprehensive cloud workload protection across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With iGaming operators often working in multiple locations simultaneously as they serve different geographic communities, the ability to protect their cloud operations becomes more important.

iGaming platform developers can now efficiently build and deploy their workloads and applications rapidly, while helping security teams deliver protection through additional AI-based cloud security tools. This helps the operators evaluate their defense against specific threat scenarios, and provides incident response and remediation capabilities. As platforms are rapidly updated to meet new demands, challenges and competition, being able to ensure security from all angles at all times is fundamental to a successful rollout.

AI provides an additional layer of runtime protection and deeper visibility into malicious malware threats by incorporating enhanced anti-malware and prevention capabilities for hosts and containers starting from the build stage. iGaming operators often run their cloud-native applications on a wide variety of form factors, including a combination of cloud VMs, containers, Kubernetes, and serverless architectures, all of which need to be secured. The latest enhancements increase operators’ security capabilities, providing better protection for modern applications, as well as for foundational virtual machines using a single and unified solution.